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Now Interact


Now Interact leads the field in Predictive Intelligence, using its technology to bridge the gap between online channels and the contact center for over 50 brands around the world. Now Interact’s Predictive Intelligence platform uses a website visitor’s behavior to predict – in real-time – their intentions on the site.  Based on its intelligence, Now Interact categorises visitors by what stage of the buying cycle they are in and the likelihood to convert online and if assisted.

Founded in 2010 in the heart of the startup scene in Stockholm, Sweden. Five years later, Now Interact is proud to be working with world leading brands in Broadband, E-commerce, Energy, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecoms and Utilities and has a presence in a number of leading European territories.

The Management team at Now Interact had a huge appetite to grow the business and required the right heads to lead that effort. The challenges they faced in achieving their recruitment goals were the same that many early stage businesses face, limited market awareness of their brand, limited awareness of the recruitment landscape in key territories and no dedicated HR department or recruitment team to ensure a consistent recruitment effort.

How we helped

Now Interact got in touch with Just Digital in late 2014 with the need to recruit a UK sales leader. There was already a small office in existence employing a small team and they needed an experienced enterprise sales professional to develop a quality pipeline whilst supporting further headcount growth.
The blend of skills they were looking to hire were consistent with many start-up’s who need
employees to be able to perform a number of roles during the early stages of growth.

The process we went through involved market education and benchmarking to ensure the role was pitched at the right level. It was important to demonstrate what could be achieved at a variety of levels so the key differences in ability could could be assessed and budget decisions made.

There was a need to find the right individual quickly due to increasing client demand.

The Results

Just Digital were able to secure the right candidate for Now Interact in under two weeks, from briefing to exchange of contracts.

Following the successful initial UK hire we have also helped secure an EMEA Marketing Manager and a UK Business Development Manager, and continue to support their expansion across Europe.

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